SRS Report – Vacation Edition – Part 1

A special edition of the SRS Report, brought to you by a less-than-restful trip to the great state of Florida. Part 1 of . . . more than 1.

SRS Report #5

In a rare Sunday edition (for no other reason than I am late), I bring you the weekly digest of items either too short, too eccentric, too dumb, or too-recycled-from-my-other-social-media feeds to warrant their own post. Parenting Analogy: Trying to get kids out of the house is, at times, like riding a bike underwater. IF the […]

SRS Report

Superlatives: Just a quick observation as I reflect on all of these end-of-year awards that are being handed out: If I had TRULY been the "Most Improved Player" as many years as it was claimed, I'd be the NBA MVP right about now. Or at least "former."  Thanks for the award, but you're not fooling … Continue reading SRS Report

The Missing LinkedIn Feature

If you're on LinkedIn, you'll likely know that you can endorse people for certain skills. You can attest to a person's abilities, experience, and qualities, characteristics which they themselves have highlighted as their core competencies, and which they, apparently, feel might make them marketable: For example: Does Carl know about quality control? Yes, he does. Is … Continue reading The Missing LinkedIn Feature

Life -> “Art” -> Life

I'm not saying my short (flash fiction) story "Exit Interview" was about Amazon.  But . . .    

A Time for Purging 

My son just came from the basement asking if we could "play this game". That's an Office 2000 box everyone. Pretty safe to say it's time to throw some things away.   #NeverForgetClippy

The Smartwatch Heartbreak

When I was a boy, I observed with rapt fascination as secret agents, their collection of then-inconceivable gadgets always at hand, communicated verbally with the fine folks back at headquarters through their watches (and sometimes their shoes!).  Brave men and women all, rushing off to save humanity from the Russians or the Martians or some … Continue reading The Smartwatch Heartbreak

“Free Wi-Fi”

I recently saw a local motel sign which included the following, as written: Rooms Available "Free Wi-Fi" I simply don't understand the use of quotes here. Are they quoting someone? "Free Wi-Fi," says Bill Sweeney of Akron, Ohio. I guess it's better than: "Free" Wi-Fi which suggests that you will be paying for it in … Continue reading “Free Wi-Fi”

The Pain of Speaking Punctuation

I love using voice-to-text on my phone, that feature which dictates what you say, as you say it.  Since you have to speak the punctuation as well (assuming you want to include it), it makes me especially thankful for grammar teachers who taught me to value punctuation. However, this form of language input, particularly when punctuation is included, … Continue reading The Pain of Speaking Punctuation

The Tech-Patience Threshold

There was a time when the 15-minute ride into town with my mom to rent a VHS at our local convenience store was the highest of high tech, and a great treat. Flash forward 20+ years, and the time it takes Netflix to load the next episode of Phineas and Ferb can seem like the … Continue reading The Tech-Patience Threshold

Gas Pump Rage

Maybe it's just me (and it often is) but the screens on the gas pumps are getting out of control with all the questions they ask. It's cold, gas pump, let's hurry this transaction along! > Debit or credit? > Are you using a rewards card? > Do you want to receipt? > Do you … Continue reading Gas Pump Rage

On Our Eventual Tech Overlords

It seems like everybody these days is talking about how we need to be wary of technology, particularly of how computers have gotten so powerful that soon they could band together and rise up, Terminator-style, to take over the world, making us their servants.  Or worse. Might happen.  But, in the meantime, we have more immediate trust … Continue reading On Our Eventual Tech Overlords

On the Pop-up Life Coach

We've all been there I'm sure: you're creating a password for a website, and while you're typing, a little pop-up tells you how weak or strong the password is. For instance you type "2Blessed" but the pop-up mocks your choice with a big red "WEAK", forcing you to add a random Q and a % … Continue reading On the Pop-up Life Coach

On the Pitfalls of Dictation Apps

Google, I clearly said TWINE. Bring TWINE to work.  Why can't you...Wait, I get it: you WANT me to lose my job so we can spend more time together.  Touché, Google. Touché