Something “Borrowed”

. . . Well, my writing teachers in college warned against the "overuse" of "quotation marks," and that little bit of wisdom was obviously "wrong," . . .


95 before 41

I realize that many blogging purists probably don't use Facebook.  However, I more or less appreciate it for what it is, and as I'm trying to build a readership while at the same time developing a voice, etc, I need to use whatever media I can.  So, I'm in the middle of a push to … Continue reading 95 before 41

A gift for my friends on Facebook

Note: I've been a keen observer of social media trends.  Below is a post you can use as your own Facebook status, one which will definitely win (virtual) friends and influence (no actual) people.  You. Are. Welcome.  "If you ask me, we need to stop trying to be like everyone else, trying to mimic or … Continue reading A gift for my friends on Facebook

40 Posts by 40 Years Old (i.e. 6 days)

I shared the (SOMEWHAT) tongue-in-cheek post which follows with my Facebook friends yesterday, as a sort of "last hurrah" post; I do plan to take some time off of my personal FB page, where I've done most of my "writing" the past few years, after my "milestone" birthday next week (a mostly random-if-symbolic, but ultimately … Continue reading 40 Posts by 40 Years Old (i.e. 6 days)

Facebook Time Machine (or a different title someone who can write smart, catchy titles would have placed here)

In which we consider together what types of things we might have posted had we been blessed with social media as young people (despite Uncle Skippy's chagrin).