Note: I dispense, for now, with the "aside" nonsense.  Fiction is difficult. Inane observations which spill over from a semi-odd brain are somewhat easier.  And if I ever resume posting "fictional" chapters, then the "asides" will cease to be nonsense, and will be once again be high art indeed! (Or something.) I don't necessarily believe … Continue reading Gym-splaining


4// Greetings

He'd been very intrigued and even mildly disturbed, as of late, by the salutatory phrases people chose to throw around, particularly in the workplace.  To some of these greetings, he had absolutely no idea how to respond properly.  A recent example was the question, "What's the good word?" As in, "Happy Friday! What's the good word?" While he … Continue reading 4// Greetings

A Moment with Overly-Polite Technology // #2

I was at the gas station the other day, and when the screen asked if I wanted a receipt, there were two options: >Yes >No Thank You Now, I guess my mother taught me well because I tend to say "Please" and "Thank You" whenever possible.  Still, I think this is a bit presumptuous of our … Continue reading A Moment with Overly-Polite Technology // #2

Reconsidering the Dream Home

The other day my daughter drew a picture of what she thought my dream home would look like. It was essentially just a big house with lots of windows, a nice yard, etc.  How she came to the conclusion that this would be the home of my dreams, I don't know, but it was lovely. … Continue reading Reconsidering the Dream Home

The Pain of Speaking Punctuation

I love using voice-to-text on my phone, that feature which dictates what you say, as you say it.  Since you have to speak the punctuation as well (assuming you want to include it), it makes me especially thankful for grammar teachers who taught me to value punctuation. However, this form of language input, particularly when punctuation is included, … Continue reading The Pain of Speaking Punctuation

On Being Invited into a Secret Society

I've been intrigued lately by the salutatory phrase, "What's the good word?" as in: Me: "Hey {Person I Know}." {Person I Know}: "Hey Phil. What's the good word?" I hear this quite a bit, and I'm beginning to wonder if there is, in fact, a "good word".  That if I SAY the "good word" to … Continue reading On Being Invited into a Secret Society