“...I'm pretty sure, for instance, my grandfather never looked at the year ahead and said, "I'll consider 1946 good if by this time next year I have run in place for 600 miles and have the ability to lift 200 pounds of metal over my head.’”...

Life Cycles

There is a strip mall near my house that is home to the following stores: a running shoe store, a performance supplement store, a fitness facility, a shoe repair store, a podiatrist, a pharmacy, and a Baskin Robbins. It's like a metaphor for the life cycle of the semi-motivated middle-age man. Stage 1: "I've GOT to … Continue reading Life Cycles

Same-Same, Grandpa

In which I am shamed by the fact that I need digital encouragement to perform a function as fundamental as moving. Or something.

Runner’s High?

I don't mean to brag, but I've been on quite the running streak lately. Most days this week, as a matter fact. On a slightly related subject, every time I get about a quarter mile into my run, I turn around to see a figure in a black, hooded robe and carrying a large sickle, floating about … Continue reading Runner’s High?

Aside //5 – More “Wisdom”

In a rare second-post in as many quarter-days, I offer another peek into my forthcoming* book, A Handful of You Will Be Succesful.  It is certain to fly off of the shelves, and not in the super-cool Harry Potter way. Thanks for absorbing more of my wise words reading! Words of Wisdom for the Class of … Continue reading Aside //5 – More “Wisdom”

Aside //4 – “Wisdom”

Occasionally, I feel led to dispense some words of wisdom (aka "W.O.W.!) to those around me.  I was raised to be selfless, self-aware, self-sufficient, self-soothing, and humble.  Thus, I feel it would be self-ISH if I kept these incredible observations to myself, to be enjoyed only by myself, only enriching the life of . . . myself.*  … Continue reading Aside //4 – “Wisdom”

A magical time to be alive

My wife and I recently visited the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC.  What a grand and beautiful place. And a great reminder that the late 1800s would have been a MAGICAL time to be alive. Until you got a toothache or an infected toenail and ended up dying in a fevered sweat on one of … Continue reading A magical time to be alive

An Unnecessary Moment with Unsolicited Medical Practice Advice from an Unqualified-Yet-Concerned Citizen // #1

There’s a medical practice here in Louisville that specializes in a certain “medical issue” that is only applicable to men.  They advertise quite frequently, boasting that they ONLY handle said issue. I won’t mention the issue specifically; those who live here will likely know the practice of which I speak, and others can use your imagination. … Continue reading An Unnecessary Moment with Unsolicited Medical Practice Advice from an Unqualified-Yet-Concerned Citizen // #1

A Love Letter to Carbs

My Dearest C, It's hard to believe it's only been a few days, for it seems like an eternity. I hope you are well and that you'll forgive this letter, but I find myself unable to stop thinking about you now that we are apart. No doubt that statement will anger you;  you will remind … Continue reading A Love Letter to Carbs