That’s Not How I Ro . . .Nah, Too Obvious

The burritos at the gas station proudly claim to be “Hand-Rolled.” Yeah, that’s not really upping the appeal for me.  


That’s (Evidently) Amore!

I don’t know what the rest of you did for Valentine’s Day, but my lovely lady and I spent an intimate evening . . .

Milk-Emotion Protocol

I understand that you're not supposed to cry over spilled milk. But what about when you trudge out to the store in the early morning subzero wind chills to buy milk, and then trudge back home with milk, and then five minutes after you bring milk into the homestead . . .

Health Nut Chronicles – 6

Just learned that kettle cooked chips are lower in fat than regular chips! Which begs the obvious question: where can one buy a box of kettle cooked donuts?   #HealthNut #ThatWasPrettyLame Previously, on the Health Nut Chronicles: Health Nut Chronicles - 1  Health Nut Chronicles - 2Health Nut Chronicles - 3 Health Nut Chronicles - 4 Health Nut Chronicles - 5


“...I'm pretty sure, for instance, my grandfather never looked at the year ahead and said, "I'll consider 1946 good if by this time next year I have run in place for 600 miles and have the ability to lift 200 pounds of metal over my head.’”...