“...I'm pretty sure, for instance, my grandfather never looked at the year ahead and said, "I'll consider 1946 good if by this time next year I have run in place for 600 miles and have the ability to lift 200 pounds of metal over my head.’”...


The Dangers of Cardio

I'm thinking about writing a book called Where the Sidewalk Ends. My version will not be a classic book of quirky, lovable poetry for young and old alike. Mine will be about middle-age man who goes on a stroll during lunch in an industrial park, gets lost, and has to dodge semi-trucks and forklifts in … Continue reading The Dangers of Cardio

Runner’s High?

I don't mean to brag, but I've been on quite the running streak lately. Most days this week, as a matter fact. On a slightly related subject, every time I get about a quarter mile into my run, I turn around to see a figure in a black, hooded robe and carrying a large sickle, floating about … Continue reading Runner’s High?


Note: I dispense, for now, with the "aside" nonsense.  Fiction is difficult. Inane observations which spill over from a semi-odd brain are somewhat easier.  And if I ever resume posting "fictional" chapters, then the "asides" will cease to be nonsense, and will be once again be high art indeed! (Or something.) I don't necessarily believe … Continue reading Gym-splaining

Happy Global Running Day!

I saw that today is Global Running Day (because, why not?).  In honor of the occasion, I should share that I went running yesterday.  I don't mean to brag, but -- and I swear this is true -- I didn't die.  It was a good outing. On a totally unrelated subject, is it true that a … Continue reading Happy Global Running Day!