“Evangelical” Search Terms

I always find it interesting when search engines like Google share the top search terms of the year. I also know they have the ability to break down searches by demographic type and wish they would share that info too. I would especially like to see what the "Evangelical" Christian population searches for around the … Continue reading “Evangelical” Search Terms



Depending on your religious affiliation or celebration preferences, I wanted to wish you all a Happy . . . "National Candy-for-Breakfast" Day! or "Dental-Professional-Boat-Down-Payment" Day! or "I can't go to school, I feel horrible!" Day! or "The skeleton and half-rotted pumpkin sitting on my porch look a bit beyond creepy now" Day! or "Can I listen to Christmas … Continue reading Holidays

On Timeless Traditions

My daughter got the game Mouse Trap for Christmas. Watching my kids playing Mouse Trap together, remembering my own childhood playing Mouse Trap, I am overcome with that sweet old, familiar emotion: that I want to take the game Mouse Trap into the wilderness and smash it into dust with a ball ping hammer. Game … Continue reading On Timeless Traditions