Start of Year Newsletter

I know that many who read this blog either (a) follow the blog and are notified of new content through WordPress, (b) follow a particular WordPress tag which is used herein frequently, (c) follow through an RSS reader of some type, (d) are naturally skeptical of signing up for email updates, which require the voluntary … Continue reading Start of Year Newsletter


The Grisham Conundrum

In which one of the “hardships” of being a popular author is laid bare in pure assumption. Or something.

Aside – Road Trip 2018

I listened to a Hemingway book during our drive down to Florida, so tonight's post, which is meant to relate a fairly common parental culinary struggle, is written (in a very poor imitation) in his honor. The waves were tall and dark green. There was much foam. The flag flying above the distant estación de … Continue reading Aside – Road Trip 2018

9// Niceties

The meeting request from the sales manager said that The Scientist was "cordially" invited to a work-related dinner later that week.  While most would consider it a pleasant thing to be invited to ANY dinner, he supposed, and while the restaurant the company was springing for was fairly upscale (or so he had heard - he … Continue reading 9// Niceties

Author’s Note //2

  I'm still not overly comfortable with the whole "Hey, here's something else to sign up for!" thing, but as the email list for the grows, I'm seeing more inherent value in this type of thing.  I realize we live in a time of skepticism or even downright, good-old American anger when it comes to giving … Continue reading Author’s Note //2

Author’s Note //1

Or is it Blogger's note? "Author" sounds too formal.  But I like it! The following was posted on my personal FB page.  I include it here because it's somewhat of a more detailed description of the direction the blog is going presently. And, it's easier than writing something new-ish.  Thanks as always for reading.   Sticking … Continue reading Author’s Note //1

4// Greetings

He'd been very intrigued and even mildly disturbed, as of late, by the salutatory phrases people chose to throw around, particularly in the workplace.  To some of these greetings, he had absolutely no idea how to respond properly.  A recent example was the question, "What's the good word?" As in, "Happy Friday! What's the good word?" While he … Continue reading 4// Greetings

3// Highways

The following is part of an ongoing fictional series taken from the life and times of the Second-Rate Scientist.  To read earlier installments, see "Previously on . . ." to the right of the page.  This is all a work in progress, an attempt to practice and, hopefully, refine something I've long admired in others.  … Continue reading 3// Highways

1// Merging

We've all gone crazy lately. ~Elton John He was repeating the tired cliché to himself again, as he drove down the familiar and brutally cold stretch of interstate. How was it already the first day back to work after the holidays? Again? Time didn't just fly, it seemed to blast forward, barely visible, like a … Continue reading 1// Merging

The Cabinet (aka: 40by40 Admission of Failure)

I didn’t make the 40 posts by my 40th birthday, a fact which surprises no one and for which many are rejoicing.  I did, however, write one further (insufferably long and possibly rambling) post before I ride off into the sunset to shop for a recliner with plenty of lower back support and to find a … Continue reading The Cabinet (aka: 40by40 Admission of Failure)

Flash Fiction Magazine Issue 1

I've posted in the past about the site for, well, honestly, pretty self-serving reasons, mostly; I've had a few short pieces published on the site (short as in 101 words EXACTLY, thus the very apt title), and would like people to read them. I mention it here again for a, well, SOMEWHAT self-serving reason, as … Continue reading Flash Fiction Magazine Issue 1

The Boy on His Birthday

I haven’t attempted much poetry since college.  As such, I’m not even sure that’s what this is. For what it’s worth, this came from a strangely deep and abiding emotion which washed over me at my son’s 5th birthday party.  It was such a melancholy sensation seemingly linked not only the quick pace of life … Continue reading The Boy on His Birthday

SRS Report

Superlatives: Just a quick observation as I reflect on all of these end-of-year awards that are being handed out: If I had TRULY been the "Most Improved Player" as many years as it was claimed, I'd be the NBA MVP right about now. Or at least "former."  Thanks for the award, but you're not fooling … Continue reading SRS Report

FFM Anthologies Now in Print!

The first 3 editions of Flash Fiction Magazine's anthologies are now available in print editions! I happen to have a story in #1.  All contain some truly excellent fiction!

Flash Fiction Story #5

If you have a minute (quite literally), please check out my latest Flash Fiction piece at (linked below).  I'd appreciate any feedback.  While there, read some of the other stories, sign up to have them delivered to your inbox, and download one of the latest anthologies. And if you're a writer, submit your own story … Continue reading Flash Fiction Story #5