. . . the disappointment I’ve seen lately when it comes to earnings reports for certain companies is getting out of control. No one seems happy with what appear to me to be incredible numbers. . .


Rethinking Tech Privacy

People are upset that Amazon employees are listening in on our private conversations through our Alexa devices. I say it won’t be a problem much longer...

The Human Alarm Clock

Modern alarm clocks and apps usually have a setting which allows them to become progressively louder or more obnoxious as the minutes tick away. I realized this morning that I have become this for my family, as my tone and language escalates . . .

“Evangelical” Search Terms

I always find it interesting when search engines like Google share the top search terms of the year. I also know they have the ability to break down searches by demographic type and wish they would share that info too. I would especially like to see what the "Evangelical" Christian population searches for around the … Continue reading “Evangelical” Search Terms

Password Fatigue Episode 2 – Still Fatigued

And then there’s this kind of tech-insanity: “Please enter your password:” ME: ChemistryRules “Sorry, that doesn’t match our records.” ME: Pretty sure it’s ChemistryRules “Sorry, that doesn’t match our records.” ME: I just entered this earlier today. It’s definitely (types slower) ChemistryRules “Sorry, that doesn’t match our records.” ME: "What is happening!" (Types one letter … Continue reading Password Fatigue Episode 2 – Still Fatigued

Password Fatigue – 40by40

If you're like most folks, these days, when more and more business is conducted online, you struggle with the sheer number of passwords that you're required to create and remember. If you’re like me, you often choose meaningful passwords, ones that are applicable to the current stage of life, but often even those expire, forcing … Continue reading Password Fatigue – 40by40

A Moment with Overly-Polite Technology // #2

I was at the gas station the other day, and when the screen asked if I wanted a receipt, there were two options: >Yes >No Thank You Now, I guess my mother taught me well because I tend to say "Please" and "Thank You" whenever possible.  Still, I think this is a bit presumptuous of our … Continue reading A Moment with Overly-Polite Technology // #2

SRS Report #5

In a rare Sunday edition (for no other reason than I am late), I bring you the weekly digest of items either too short, too eccentric, too dumb, or too-recycled-from-my-other-social-media feeds to warrant their own post. Parenting Analogy: Trying to get kids out of the house is, at times, like riding a bike underwater. IF the […]

The Missing LinkedIn Feature

If you're on LinkedIn, you'll likely know that you can endorse people for certain skills. You can attest to a person's abilities, experience, and qualities, characteristics which they themselves have highlighted as their core competencies, and which they, apparently, feel might make them marketable: For example: Does Carl know about quality control? Yes, he does. Is … Continue reading The Missing LinkedIn Feature

Facebook Time Machine (or a different title someone who can write smart, catchy titles would have placed here)

In which we consider together what types of things we might have posted had we been blessed with social media as young people (despite Uncle Skippy's chagrin).

Life -> “Art” -> Life

I'm not saying my short (flash fiction) story "Exit Interview" was about Amazon.  But . . .   http://www.theverge.com/2017/3/20/14979620/jeff-bezos-robot-method-2-mars2017-conference