Papa Moses

I believe that Moses was the proto-parent, put in charge of a bunch of ungrateful people. I’m convinced that he said or was tempted to say at least a few of the following statements:   “Well, if all of your friends gave up their jewelry so that they could make a golden calf, would you … Continue reading Papa Moses

For the Love! (of Dogs)

My parents have been keeping our dog for a while now (she loves to run, they have some land, and it's summer).  This week they are also keeping my brother's dogs while they try to sell their house. It's a good ol' grand-dog sleepover. It's no secret that I'm not a huge fan of dogs, … Continue reading For the Love! (of Dogs)

Aside – Road Trip 2018

I listened to a Hemingway book during our drive down to Florida, so tonight's post, which is meant to relate a fairly common parental culinary struggle, is written (in a very poor imitation) in his honor. The waves were tall and dark green. There was much foam. The flag flying above the distant estación de … Continue reading Aside – Road Trip 2018

Password Fatigue – 40by40

If you're like most folks, these days, when more and more business is conducted online, you struggle with the sheer number of passwords that you're required to create and remember. If you’re like me, you often choose meaningful passwords, ones that are applicable to the current stage of life, but often even those expire, forcing … Continue reading Password Fatigue – 40by40

The Auctioneer – 40by40

Went to an auction yesterday. Man, I wish I had the skills of that auctioneer!  I feel like I could shut down nearly any argument my kids want to have with me. I’d make sure they couldn’t get a word in edgewise. “How many times did I tell you to pick up your socks? I … Continue reading The Auctioneer – 40by40

Yet Another Bath Time Post – 40by40

Let's be honest: baths for children are a terrible idea. "You know son, about 80% of your body is covered with unspeakable filth. Why don’t we spread that around and make it an even hundred?" #40by40 Related Posts: On the Walking Heart Bath Night – #4 On Bath Night – #3 On Bath Night – … Continue reading Yet Another Bath Time Post – 40by40

The Boy on His Birthday

I haven’t attempted much poetry since college.  As such, I’m not even sure that’s what this is. For what it’s worth, this came from a strangely deep and abiding emotion which washed over me at my son’s 5th birthday party.  It was such a melancholy sensation seemingly linked not only the quick pace of life … Continue reading The Boy on His Birthday

Playing the state fair game. Again. (A Blogging Lethargy Post)

I'm not going to lie to you fine people (And why would I?  If you're reading this, even if you've stumbled upon it looking for funny GIFs of weight lifting gone wrong, or thought there might be REAL science going on here, or are a presently-unknown-to-me archenemy who is plotting some kind of stealth attack … Continue reading Playing the state fair game. Again. (A Blogging Lethargy Post)

Making “Memories”

I thought it might be fun this morning to get up and make a homemade breakfast for the kids (because, as documented before, my kids love breakfast foods). I remember my mom and grandmothers making breakfast, the smell of bacon and biscuits filling the house. In my memory, I see them in their serene, cool, … Continue reading Making “Memories”

Parenting is a Fickle Ride

Whenever one of my kids spills something on the floor, I experience a range of emotions. On one hand, the spill represents something else "to do" - a new task - in a world where we already have more to do than we will ever get done.  And my wife and I, as the sole … Continue reading Parenting is a Fickle Ride

SRS Report – Vacation Edition – Part 1

A special edition of the SRS Report, brought to you by a less-than-restful trip to the great state of Florida. Part 1 of . . . more than 1.

Remembering the Fallen (No, sorry, not that – title needs work, but . . .)

We wrap our vacation up today and head back to the great state of Kentucky (where we will revel in all of the humidity we've come to love about Florida with none of that healing, magical salted air from the stunning ocean to distract us). I like to think that we always do what we … Continue reading Remembering the Fallen (No, sorry, not that – title needs work, but . . .)

Footprints in the (Everloving) Sand

While on vacation, I've been working on an updated version of the popular religious poem "Footprints in the Sand" - it's this place, just gets the creative juices a flowin'! I'm not finished yet, but I hope you don't mind me sharing a portion of what I have so far: "I noticed in those most … Continue reading Footprints in the (Everloving) Sand