Second-Rate Movie Review – “Baby Driver”

My wife and I recently saw the movie "Baby Driver".  Without kids.  Here is my review.


SRS Report #5

In a rare Sunday edition (for no other reason than I am late), I bring you the weekly digest of items either too short, too eccentric, too dumb, or too-recycled-from-my-other-social-media feeds to warrant their own post. Parenting Analogy: Trying to get kids out of the house is, at times, like riding a bike underwater. IF the […]

Movies (Which MIGHT Be) Soon Filming in Kentucky* **

*(Note: Or "Which have no chance at all of being filmed here, or anywhere for that matter, and which would not be all that enjoyable to watch, but which were fun to write about.") **(Note: Some if not all of these references might be better understood by locals, but, hey, I hope you "enjoy it" … Continue reading Movies (Which MIGHT Be) Soon Filming in Kentucky* **

Bath Night – #4

Last night was once again bath night in the Mullins home. Which means our bathroom now resembles a gas station restroom from a movie about a fugitive on the run: There is standing water everywhere; q-tips, half-empty toothpaste tubes, cups and other random items lying about; a tattered rag floating in a sink full of … Continue reading Bath Night – #4

Survival Skills Reality Check 

I recently watched the movie The Revenant. It's an ultra-brutal tale about an American Frontier fur trader who is mercilessly attacked by a bear and left for dead. The bear attack scene is truly one of the most realistic and disturbing pieces of movie magic I've ever seen - it is not for the proverbial … Continue reading Survival Skills Reality Check