The (Ubiquitous) Spice of Life

”It was a day . . .when I knew nothing was sacred.”


The Double-Edged Spork

I'm convinced the CEO of Taco Bell called an all-hands meeting late last year and declared that 2018 was going to be the year that Taco Bell would fulfill its secret mission of crushing the human spirit. After this bold declaration, he opened up the floor for ideas on how they might accomplish this. From … Continue reading The Double-Edged Spork

“Free Wi-Fi”

I recently saw a local motel sign which included the following, as written: Rooms Available "Free Wi-Fi" I simply don't understand the use of quotes here. Are they quoting someone? "Free Wi-Fi," says Bill Sweeney of Akron, Ohio. I guess it's better than: "Free" Wi-Fi which suggests that you will be paying for it in … Continue reading “Free Wi-Fi”

Experiencing Coupon Envy

I love my kids, and am trying to enjoy this season of life, but every once in a while it would be nice if that little printer at the grocery store would spit out something other than coupons for pull-ups and juice boxes. Throw a man some savings on a Sports Illustrated and a T-bone! … Continue reading Experiencing Coupon Envy

Riding Milk’s Coattails

I love how some boxes of cereal brag about how much protein is in the cereal. . .if you eat it with milk. Coincidentally, here are some other combinations that are high in protein: French Fries and Milk Oreos and Milk Xanax and Milk Milk and Milk Milk alone in a cereal bowl Anything and … Continue reading Riding Milk’s Coattails

On Real Life Inside the Sprint Tent

I keep getting emails from Sprint; they're trying like champs to get me to switch my cell service to them, showing me all of the wonderful things that I can get when I switch to their network: reduced rates, free phones, freedom to roam the country unencumbered by data overages, slow network speeds, and/or a … Continue reading On Real Life Inside the Sprint Tent

On the Christian Door-Buster

I get it, but I'm a bit uncomfortable when religious retailers, such as Christian bookstores, use the term, "Doorbuster". The image of God-fearing men, women and children lining up and shoving each other out of the way to get a Duck Dynasty Study Bible is probably not the image we need to aspire to. I … Continue reading On the Christian Door-Buster