Business is Business

This week at work, we had an "all-hands" meeting to discuss the state of the company. Most of it was presented in financial parlance, most of which was over my head, and likely over the heads of my colleagues, as we are largely a technical group. I feel like we were like a bunch of … Continue reading Business is Business

The Master Switch

Parents need a master light switch by the front door. That way we don't have to wander around the entire house shutting off lights. We can just throw one large, Alcatraz-style breaker, a metal beast that's two feet wide and takes two hands to pull down. Imagine the penultimate satisfaction of grabbing that steely handle, … Continue reading The Master Switch

Mortification, Phase 2

Three years ago, we took the family to my company's picnic at Huber’s, a family farm about 45 minutes from our home. At the time, I shared my mortification at the fact that we had left Sam's shoes at home. I have photos of him traipsing through the pumpkin patch, barefoot without a care in … Continue reading Mortification, Phase 2

Cannot, Shall Not

In which a common parent-child “conversation” is relayed, one which highlights the near-impossibility of achieving a base understanding when it comes to certain subjects, further solidifying a father’s status as “moron.” Or something.

For the Love! (of Dogs)

My parents have been keeping our dog for a while now (she loves to run, they have some land, and it's summer).  This week they are also keeping my brother's dogs while they try to sell their house. It's a good ol' grand-dog sleepover. It's no secret that I'm not a huge fan of dogs, … Continue reading For the Love! (of Dogs)

Aside – Road Trip 2018

I listened to a Hemingway book during our drive down to Florida, so tonight's post, which is meant to relate a fairly common parental culinary struggle, is written (in a very poor imitation) in his honor. The waves were tall and dark green. There was much foam. The flag flying above the distant estación de … Continue reading Aside – Road Trip 2018

Author’s Aside //3 – Horses

It's Kentucky Derby time, and here in my hometown of Lousiville, KY, the excitement is palpable! Which, for me, means I am getting ready to put on some old running shoes so I can spend the day pulling weeds in my yard only to use them to cover up bald dirt spots, with the full knowledge … Continue reading Author’s Aside //3 – Horses

Parenting is a Fickle Ride

Whenever one of my kids spills something on the floor, I experience a range of emotions. On one hand, the spill represents something else "to do" - a new task - in a world where we already have more to do than we will ever get done.  And my wife and I, as the sole … Continue reading Parenting is a Fickle Ride

SRS Report – Vacation Edition – Part 1

A special edition of the SRS Report, brought to you by a less-than-restful trip to the great state of Florida. Part 1 of . . . more than 1.

The “Dreams” of Children 

In which there is mentioned Beyoncé, a speakeasy and puppies. Intrigued? (I'm not great at the art of the so-called tease.)

SRS Report

Superlatives: Just a quick observation as I reflect on all of these end-of-year awards that are being handed out: If I had TRULY been the "Most Improved Player" as many years as it was claimed, I'd be the NBA MVP right about now. Or at least "former."  Thanks for the award, but you're not fooling … Continue reading SRS Report

A poll about parenting daughters

I saw a very young lady on the back of a motorcycle going down the highway the other day.  It was obvious she was with her boyfriend.  I have absolutely nothing against motorcycles (or boyfriends, for that matter), but it made me consider my precious girls, and play a game of "This or That?" in my … Continue reading A poll about parenting daughters