Start of Year Newsletter

I know that many who read this blog either (a) follow the blog and are notified of new content through WordPress, (b) follow a particular WordPress tag which is used herein frequently, (c) follow through an RSS reader of some type, (d) are naturally skeptical of signing up for email updates, which require the voluntary … Continue reading Start of Year Newsletter


Whatever decks your halls, I guess

Let's talk about "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus". The whole scenario has always seemed a bit…off, to me. I, of course, understand the twist. But, why is he in a Santa suit if the kids are in bed? Does he work as a department store Santa and just got home? Or did we pop … Continue reading Whatever decks your halls, I guess


Depending on your religious affiliation or celebration preferences, I wanted to wish you all a Happy . . . "National Candy-for-Breakfast" Day! or "Dental-Professional-Boat-Down-Payment" Day! or "I can't go to school, I feel horrible!" Day! or "The skeleton and half-rotted pumpkin sitting on my porch look a bit beyond creepy now" Day! or "Can I listen to Christmas … Continue reading Holidays

The Best Way They Know How

My kids are honoring our brave men and women today by getting up at the crack of dawn and fighting as if lives depend on it. Happy Memorial Day! (And a very big sincere thank you to those who have sacrificed so my kids have the freedom to argue all day!)

A Proverb for St. Patrick’s Day

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one . . . that looked like it had considerably more of an overhead branch canopy, because my scalp tends to burn in prolonged periods of sun-exposure, you know? But, I also tried to balance that with a reasonable lack of scrubby undergrowth, because my … Continue reading A Proverb for St. Patrick’s Day

Margarita Day

I don't drink much, mainly because I have a hard enough time staying awake as it is.  But, seeing as it's National Margarita Day, a national holiday we can all get behind, I thought I'd share our favorite recipe guaranteed to make today a little bit better. What you'll need: Your favorite tall glass Your … Continue reading Margarita Day

On Timeless Traditions

My daughter got the game Mouse Trap for Christmas. Watching my kids playing Mouse Trap together, remembering my own childhood playing Mouse Trap, I am overcome with that sweet old, familiar emotion: that I want to take the game Mouse Trap into the wilderness and smash it into dust with a ball ping hammer. Game … Continue reading On Timeless Traditions