A Moment with Domestic Incompetence // #1

I don't think I've ever used a can opener with any kind of confidence or skill.  It's maddening.  I always feel like I just woke up after the Zombie/Nuclear/Plague/Religious Apocalypse, and am trying my best to open a bloated, mystery metal can with a rock, a twig, and a tailpipe from an abandoned Toyota Camry, … Continue reading A Moment with Domestic Incompetence // #1


Workplace Observation #2

We have one of those fancy lamination machines at work, those contraptions which heat-press plastic over sheets of paper to protect and preserve them against the elements, such as dirt and grime, helping to eliminate wrinkling and curling. Someone has printed out the machine's instruction page and placed it next to the machine, where it … Continue reading Workplace Observation #2

“Free Wi-Fi”

I recently saw a local motel sign which included the following, as written: Rooms Available "Free Wi-Fi" I simply don't understand the use of quotes here. Are they quoting someone? "Free Wi-Fi," says Bill Sweeney of Akron, Ohio. I guess it's better than: "Free" Wi-Fi which suggests that you will be paying for it in … Continue reading “Free Wi-Fi”

On the Vending “Crisis”

On the one hand, we live charmed and uncommon lives in the scheme of things, ones in which we have ready access to many relative luxuries, including food, at nearly every turn. There is no reason to complain . . . On the other hand, the vending machine represents an invention, and by extension an industry, … Continue reading On the Vending “Crisis”