“Evangelical” Search Terms

I always find it interesting when search engines like Google share the top search terms of the year. I also know they have the ability to break down searches by demographic type and wish they would share that info too. I would especially like to see what the "Evangelical" Christian population searches for around the … Continue reading “Evangelical” Search Terms


Papa Moses

I believe that Moses was the proto-parent, put in charge of a bunch of ungrateful people. I’m convinced that he said or was tempted to say at least a few of the following statements:   “Well, if all of your friends gave up their jewelry so that they could make a golden calf, would you … Continue reading Papa Moses

On the Christian Door-Buster

I get it, but I'm a bit uncomfortable when religious retailers, such as Christian bookstores, use the term, "Doorbuster". The image of God-fearing men, women and children lining up and shoving each other out of the way to get a Duck Dynasty Study Bible is probably not the image we need to aspire to. I … Continue reading On the Christian Door-Buster