Chase Your Dreams!

In which the rigors of science threaten to kill the dreams of the past. Or something.


The Cabinet (aka: 40by40 Admission of Failure)

I didn’t make the 40 posts by my 40th birthday, a fact which surprises no one and for which many are rejoicing.  I did, however, write one further (insufferably long and possibly rambling) post before I ride off into the sunset to shop for a recliner with plenty of lower back support and to find a … Continue reading The Cabinet (aka: 40by40 Admission of Failure)

Workplace observation #1

Of all the skills I have acquired in my current profession, I have to say I'm probably most proud of the timing with which I respond when I get an email saying there is free food in the break room. You never want to be the first (desperate) and you never want to be the … Continue reading Workplace observation #1

I Guess Now I Have to Update My Résumé

This morning, I told my son something he didn't agree with, and he informed me that I was fired. Well, I guess all that's left is to say I did the best I could, appreciate very much the opportunity, and will miss the fine folks I've had the privilege of working with.

The Cup of Professionalism

I work in a manufacturing environment, and as such, my colleagues and I are subject to annual drug screenings, which you may know is a urine test.  I understand the need for such a thing and have no qualms about complying. However, it is a kind of odd event, particularly in a large facility like ours. … Continue reading The Cup of Professionalism