The Master Switch

Parents need a master light switch by the front door. That way we don't have to wander around the entire house shutting off lights. We can just throw one large, Alcatraz-style breaker, a metal beast that's two feet wide and takes two hands to pull down. Imagine the penultimate satisfaction of grabbing that steely handle, … Continue reading The Master Switch

Same-Same, Grandpa

In which I am shamed by the fact that I need digital encouragement to perform a function as fundamental as moving. Or something.

Runner’s High?

I don't mean to brag, but I've been on quite the running streak lately. Most days this week, as a matter fact. On a slightly related subject, every time I get about a quarter mile into my run, I turn around to see a figure in a black, hooded robe and carrying a large sickle, floating about … Continue reading Runner’s High?

The Cabinet (aka: 40by40 Admission of Failure)

I didn’t make the 40 posts by my 40th birthday, a fact which surprises no one and for which many are rejoicing.  I did, however, write one further (insufferably long and possibly rambling) post before I ride off into the sunset to shop for a recliner with plenty of lower back support and to find a … Continue reading The Cabinet (aka: 40by40 Admission of Failure)

An Unnecessary Moment with Unsolicited Medical Practice Advice from an Unqualified-Yet-Concerned Citizen // #1

There’s a medical practice here in Louisville that specializes in a certain “medical issue” that is only applicable to men.  They advertise quite frequently, boasting that they ONLY handle said issue. I won’t mention the issue specifically; those who live here will likely know the practice of which I speak, and others can use your imagination. … Continue reading An Unnecessary Moment with Unsolicited Medical Practice Advice from an Unqualified-Yet-Concerned Citizen // #1

Carrying on the Medicine Cabinet Tradition

I remember clearly the bathroom medicine and sink cabinets at my home growing up.  They contained what seemed to a young, healthy, immortal guy like me an inordinate amount of pills, tablets, ointments, etc. Some were new-ish, some had expired in decades gone by.  To be sure, in retrospect, some were surely mine; cherry cough … Continue reading Carrying on the Medicine Cabinet Tradition

On Humor in the Midst of Pain

Favorite ER moment thus far: when the guy next to me borrowed my phone to call his woman because he missed her "sexy face". At least I'm entertained.

On Accepting My Age – Part 1

So I didn't watch the VMAs, but it is all over my twitter feed so I think I get the gist of it. I don't know exactly when I became old, but today is the day I realize and embrace it with joy and gladness. All I can say is that I'll tune back in … Continue reading On Accepting My Age – Part 1

On New New Year’s Traditions

I have never been what you'd call a party animal, but there was a time when we would get together with friends to greet the new year. Later in life, it was at least a matter of honor to stay up to see the ball drop. Now, it feels a little irresponsible to be up … Continue reading On New New Year’s Traditions