Life in the Saloon

Now that my kids have learned to play the piano, often providing the soundtrack to our lives these days, it sometimes feels like we’re living in an Old West saloon.

Milk-Emotion Protocol

I understand that you're not supposed to cry over spilled milk. But what about when you trudge out to the store in the early morning subzero wind chills to buy milk, and then trudge back home with milk, and then five minutes after you bring milk into the homestead . . .

The Human Alarm Clock

Modern alarm clocks and apps usually have a setting which allows them to become progressively louder or more obnoxious as the minutes tick away. I realized this morning that I have become this for my family, as my tone and language escalates . . .

Health Nut Chronicles – 6

Just learned that kettle cooked chips are lower in fat than regular chips! Which begs the obvious question: where can one buy a box of kettle cooked donuts?   #HealthNut #ThatWasPrettyLame Previously, on the Health Nut Chronicles: Health Nut Chronicles - 1  Health Nut Chronicles - 2Health Nut Chronicles - 3 Health Nut Chronicles - 4 Health Nut Chronicles - 5

Health Nut Chronicles – 5

You know you’re out of shape when you go for a jog and your first thought is, “Man, my legs feel like jelly.” And your second thought is, “Mmmm...jelly.”


A new built-in app has recently been telling me how many hours a day I spend using my phone. My numbers are VERY shocking and unsettling. Downright embarrassing really. . .