I’m just a guy with a degree in Chemistry and a spotty Wi-fi connection, writing about “stuff” (sound familiar?). I love God and the things He made, including my family, good words, and pie.  Good pie.  Or any pie, really.

And, I don’t like to brag, but it should be noted that I was recently voted #6 on the list of Most Influential People in My House!  #Humbled

You can catch my extraordinarily second-rate  tweets @ https://twitter.com/PhillipMullins

And I’d be thrilled if you’d consider signing up for email updates here. We won’t spam you, just send you updates twice a week with links to new posts, and (eventually) some exclusive content!

By the way, you don’t have to take my word for it!  Here’s a selection of what people have been saying about the blog:

“He’s like the Taylor Swift of posts.”
-Presumed Taylor Swift fan (?)

“You’re like a poor man’s Dave Barry.”
-Former Best Friend

“Are you really posting again? Right now?”

“I don’t read it.”
-Many People

“We suggest you like Lords of the Dark Realm fantasy role-playing game.”

“You have reached the maximum number of times you can change your blog name.  Please contact customer service.”
-Many Blogging Sites

(I’m truly humbled by the response.)

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