Aside //5 – More “Wisdom”

In a rare second-post in as many quarter-days, I offer another peek into my forthcoming* book, A Handful of You Will Be Succesful.  It is certain to fly off of the shelves, and not in the super-cool Harry Potter way. Thanks for absorbing more of my wise words reading!

Words of Wisdom for the Class of 2018, #78:

If you find yourself in a job where you’re required to write regular reports of a technical nature, it’s perfectly acceptable to use double- or even triple-negatives to mask the fact that you have NO idea what the results mean.

For instance, a well-placed “these results are not unlike” or “the blue line is not necessarily non-indicative of a lack of similarity to the green line” can really save your bacon, and will set you apart as someone who might not be unfamiliar with what you’re taking about.

*”Forthcoming” here means “I have a vague plan to write said book, someday, even if it contains this post and a lot of other filler and fluff, and when that day comes, I can look back at this post and say with all retrospective honesty that it was, in fact, forthcoming.  Or more precisely, it wasn’t not to remain not unwritten.”


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