This Guy Wrote a Short, Semi-Humorous Post About Shakespeare – What Happened Next Just Might Change Life as We Know It

If you spend any amount of time reading blogs or perusing social media, it’s difficult to avoid posts with bait-sticky titles like “He Wrapped His Head in Aluminum Foil. The Result Just Might Change Science Forever,” or “This Cat Crawls Inside the Mouth of a 900 Pound Alligator. What Happens Next Had Us in Tears.”

We should all be thankful that the work of Shakespeare wasn’t being promoted with a 21st century, click-centric mindset. Had Hamlet been published in the age of these over-the-top headlines, we might have to endure links with titles like:

“He Doth Overtly and Obscenely Mourn the Father-King’s Demise. When the Poisoned Wine Begins its Flow, Thine Incredulous Mandible Shalln’t Be Held Plumb!”

God bless you, 17th century!


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