If you spend any amount of time reading blogs or perusing social media, it’s difficult to avoid posts with bait-sticky titles like “He Wrapped His Head in Aluminum Foil. The Result Just Might Change Science Forever,” or “This Cat Crawls Inside the Mouth of a 900 Pound Alligator. What Happens Next Had Us in Tears.”

We should all be thankful that the work of Shakespeare wasn’t being promoted with a 21st century, click-centric mindset. Had Hamlet been published in the age of these over-the-top headlines, we might have to endure links with titles like:

“He Doth Overtly and Obscenely Mourn the Father-King’s Demise. When the Poisoned Wine Begins its Flow, Thine Incredulous Mandible Shalln’t Be Held Plumb!”

God bless you, 17th century!

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