On the Family Life Reboot

I’m intrigued by this fairly new phenomenon in Hollywood known as the “reboot.”  This is where they take a popular movie franchise, most commonly a superhero or sci-fi series, and essentially start over with it, taking it back to some new starting point.  They’ll often times bring in a new director with a new vision for the series, hire all or some new cast, etc.

I wish this was possible in some areas of family life.  Like dinner time.

“Guys, I’m just going to say it: We need to reboot Pizza Night. You had to know this was coming. Let’s take this thing back to our original vision, you know? Back to those days when eating pizza was fun! Stay with me here: I’m thinking Dominoes. I’m thinking plain cheese regular crust. I’m thinking we go garlic bread sticks instead of cheese sticks. Extra sauce is non-negotiable. I’m going to insist on dessert pizza ONLY when there is proof that regular pizza has been eaten, and I’m thinking sippie cups all around – it’s just smarter. And Evie, could I suggest that you take your character down a couple of notches? You with me? Little less drama, a lot more eating of pizza. Oh, and Sam, your character will be completely CGI this time around. It’s nothing personal, you’re just extremely difficult to work with. So, ok, it’s very personal. We all good here? Great! Looking forward to this, guys. Until then, Ciao!”


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