to a minuscule slice of the webs dedicated to the fictional life and times of The Scientist. Click the button below to catch previous installments, as well as find links to brief intros to the site. Thanks for reading, and please keep in touch!

Author’s Note //1

Or is it Blogger's note? "Author" sounds too formal.  But I like it! The following was posted on my personal FB page.  I include it here because it's somewhat of a more detailed description of the direction the blog is going presently. And, it's easier than writing something new-ish.  Thanks as always for reading.   Sticking … Continue reading Author’s Note //1

4// Greetings

He'd been very intrigued and even mildly disturbed, as of late, by the salutatory phrases people chose to throw around, particularly in the workplace.  To some of these greetings, he had absolutely no idea how to respond properly.  A recent example was the question, "What's the good word?" As in, "Happy Friday! What's the good word?" While he … Continue reading 4// Greetings

3// Highways

The following is part of an ongoing fictional series taken from the life and times of the Second-Rate Scientist.  To read earlier installments, see "Previously on . . ." to the right of the page.  This is all a work in progress, an attempt to practice and, hopefully, refine something I've long admired in others.  … Continue reading 3// Highways

2// Boxes

When The Scientist entered his office, two packages were sitting on the floor in front of the desk. Each was, he would think later, about the size of a Cocker Spaniel, although he couldn't begin to say why that was the comparison his mind drew; he had never been a "dog person," and wasn't sure … Continue reading 2// Boxes

1// Merging

We've all gone crazy lately. ~Elton John He was repeating the tired cliché to himself again, as he drove down the familiar and brutally cold stretch of interstate. How was it already the first day back to work after the holidays? Again? Time didn't just fly, it seemed to blast forward, barely visible, like a … Continue reading 1// Merging

The Second-Rate Scientist

I drafted two versions of this post.  The first is to the point, and is likely the preference of the "masses": VERSION 1: I've decided to experiment with the format here, and "fictionalize" the character of the Second-Rate Scientist.  It should be obvious what that means as I begin to post, although it might prove … Continue reading The Second-Rate Scientist

A gift for my friends on Facebook

Note: I've been a keen observer of social media trends.  Below is a post you can use as your own Facebook status, one which will definitely win (virtual) friends and influence (no actual) people.  You. Are. Welcome.  "If you ask me, we need to stop trying to be like everyone else, trying to mimic or … Continue reading A gift for my friends on Facebook

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